Past Activities

HIV/AIDS Awareness, Prevention and Control

AMKA has held several HIV/ AIDS awareness, prevention, and control activities in Nairobi, Kitui and Kajiado South. Activities included giving talks to organized groups, churches, and youth organizations. AMKA has also worked with members of various churches in Nairobi. These were carried out pro bono by AMKA board members and concerned well wishers. 

Civic Education/Voter Education

AMKA conducted civic education under National Civic Education Program I (NCEP I), NCEPII URAIA programs in; under Gender and Governance Program (GGP); under Constitution of Kenya Review Commission (CKRC) during the Constitution Referendum with funds from various partners through basket funding and from CKRC, Voter Education Programme 2007 with funds from UNDP. The programs aimed at creating a vibrant political culture where citizens are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Gender & Poverty, Policy & Governance – Closing the gap.

The project aimed to highlight the engendered nature of poverty and at creating space for women to engage policy makers. The linkages established have been maintained and have proved useful

Readings of short stories and poems by budding women and girl writers.

Creative expression of women and girls helps us assess the role literary work plays in the promotion of our themes: good governance, human rights, economic empowerment, and health. The goal is to encourage women and girls to read and write and generally expose their worldview.

URAIA – National Response Initiative

In 2008, AMKA implemented the National Response Initiative in Nairobi and Nyeri Districts. The programme responded to the needs of the internally displaced people following the post election violence in Kenya.

Publication and dissemination

of the book The Other Side of Prison-The Role of Women Left Behind with funds from Heinrich Ball Foundation.


Ongoing Activies

  • On going readings of budding women and girls short stories and poems with funds from AMKA Board.
  • Providing knowledge centre services to groups from Mukuru Informal Settlement area with funds from friends of AMKA.
  • Organising creative reading sessions with the youth in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Nairobi.
  • Lobbying, in conjunction with women networks, for mainstreaming of women issues in the ongoing constitution and other reforms stipulated in the Peace Accord.
  • HIV/AIDS management among communities in Kitui District, Eastern Province.

In the Pipeline

  • Establish a revolving fund for women especially those affected and infected with HIV/Aids.
  • Establish a network of Women Living Positively and provide them with space to share their experiences.
  • Publish an anthology of women and girl writers.
  • Publish a bibliography of women writers in Kenya.
  • Establish women’s resource centers in our target areas.
  • Carry out civic education on the constitution among vulnerable women and youth.
  • Continue with fundraising to support expansion of our programmes and institutional strengthening.