AMKA is a Kiswahili word for 'arise‘. AMKA is a non-profit organization registered under the Non-Governmental Organizations Co-ordination Act. The organization was formed in 1997 by three Kenyan women who had been affected by the injustices that were meted out against women during the 1980s by the one party state and lacked the means to express themselves and share their experiences.

AMKA's main objective is to give voice to Women. Our motto is Space for Women’s Creativity – engaging in activities that give space for women and girls voices to be heard. This is because very often, history is told from the male point of view as is any commentary on the society be it creative or otherwise thus relegating the role of women in history to a secondary position.

Women in a significant number of cases are portrayed as mere victims of circumstances who find themselves caught up in situations not of their making or beyond their comprehension.
Women in Kenya suffer from socially instigated repression where they are not allowed or encouraged to express their opinion.
Culturally the Kenyan woman has to face so many barriers from the traditional beliefs of the people. In addition she is not economically empowered.

Thus we felt a need to tell the story from the female point of view which is half the society's worldview. AMKA’s work is enshrined in the context of the ‘universal declaration of human rights.” Every citizen in Kenya has certain entitlements by virtue of being born human. These entitlements are to be observed regardless of gender, age, class and tribal differences. The universality and the indivisibility of these rights therefore prompt us to do what is our best in addressing issues as affects women.